Saturday, April 21, 2012

Falling off the Face of the Earth...

...and blogging from outer space (not really).

My review and study of TWTG will resume shortly.

These past 7 (!) months have been an adventure of ups, downs, coasting along, and lots of introspection, not to mention that my trusty 6.5-year-old Windows XP desktop computer finally gave up the ghost.

The ups: Hubby has been working pretty steadily since the end of October. We've decided to take responsibility for our health and have changed our way of eating. My younger brother (who is disabled) has moved in with us for the summer (at least). Our oldest daughter turned 18. :-)

The downs: We still haven't yet gotten our permanent dwelling moved (finances prevented it last year, weather is hindering it currently). I suffered through a brief battle with depression (much better now). Hubby's grandma passed away 9 days shy of her 92nd birthday. Our oldest daughter turned 18. ;-)

After taking stock of my personal situation, I've made the decision to get myself and my family healthy, to live more simply, and to trust that God will continue to provide. There is still a lot of room for improvement, but things are moving in the right direction. :-)

Since my computer died, the only way I can post is with my Android tablet and Blogger's app (yeah, I know...FirstWorldProblem), so the formatting may not match previous posts. That said, I'm looking forward to continuing the study, and I apologize for the long hiatus.

Have a blessed day! :-)

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